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About Us

Mindset * Productivity * Results

We are dedicated to help you optimize your MINDSET, PRODUCTIVITY, and RESULTS by providing you with comprehensive tools and strategies that will help you take your personal and professional life to the next level.

The First Video sharing The CLEAR Planner! Join us for a look back.

Our Story

Our story began in a driveway with a basketball hoop in Chappaqua, NY while we were still in high school.  We were both committed to excellence and worked with John Goldman "The Shot Doctor" to help elevate us to the next level.

Little did realize at the time but we were laying the groundwork for a lifelong friendship, rooted in a shared passion for constant learning and growth.

The CLEAR Planner emerged from a place of frustration and a personal quest for the ideal planner. Despite having tried dozens of planners over the years, none met our satisfaction. Some were overloaded with features we didn't use, while others lacked essential elements we both desired.

Together we created what is our perfect planner and believe it is the best on the market!

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